Grand Turk – Exclusive Whale Watching

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Every year, January – April, humpback whales migrate from the northern Atlantic to the warmer northern Caribbean waters to give birth and to mate.

Humpbacks are perhaps the most acrobatic of the baleen whales, aided by their long, slender pectoral flippers and powerful tails. Lucky passengers may sometimes see “pec-slaps” or breaching, when the whale jumps out of the water and crashes down with a giant splash. There are many theories as to why whales breach. Some believe they may be communicating with other whales or showing off for a potential mate. Others believe that breaching may help to dislodge parasites, such as barnacles, from the whale’s skin. No matter the reason that breaching occurs, when it does, it’s always a treat!

Join our experienced captains for your once in a lifetime adventure.


Included in Whale Watching Tour

Bottled Water

Assorted Sodas

Smooth Island Rum Punch


Cost $160.00 per person (4 person minimum)

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While whale sightings are very common and the captain tries his best to find them, it cannot be guaranteed that you will see them on your excursion.


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